How do I keep Outdoor Curtains from blowing in the wind?

How do I keep Outdoor Curtains from blowing in the wind?

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Outdoor Curtains and the Wind


Outdoor Curtains, we all love them, but how do we keep them from blowing in the wind? 

Before we dive into that question, you might be asking yourself... why do I even want outdoor curtains? Yes, they are beautiful but what problems do they solve other than looking like a coastal resort?   

The answer is... outdoor curtains do provide a lot of function.  What are the functions?  Sun and mosquito control, as well as privacy.  Most importantly, they provide family fun as well.  How is that?  Wait for it...

Outdoor Curtains can function as an outdoor movie screen for family fun!  What a fun childhood memory to watch you favorite movies outside on a screen while in the pool on a tube!  For the author of this Blog post, it is a place for Water Aerobics instruction as well.  Let's face it, a computer screen by the side of the pool does not cut it. Take a look at our video here

So, what do you do about the wind and outdoor drapes?  From our non-customers, this is our most asked question.  Unfortunately, if you have a regular outdoor curtain the only option you have is to seriously tie the curtain back in several places with rope and not decoratively- with fullness, as seen in the picture with a tieback meant for draperies.  

If you have to tie your outdoor curtain up, this defeats the purpose wouldn't you agree?  How many of us want the white sheer outdoor curtain blowing softly blowing in the wind?  To tie it back would obviously defeat the purpose.

So, then our next question is...


Outdoor curtains and wind, how to keep the wind effect down


How do I anchor my outdoor curtain to the ground?


This seems like an obvious solution but you then need to ask yourself do you want a sail or an outdoor curtain?  There are suggestions out there suggesting to anchor your outdoor curtain with a grommet and a stake to the ground.  If you anchor your outdoor drape to the ground with a grommet, the answer is obvious, you will have a sail and resistance to the wind which will wear and tear on your fabric and destroy your outdoor curtain  decreasing it's longevity which should be several years.  Many of our wind-resistant outdoor curtains are now going on fifteen years or more.


This now leads to our third question...


Can I put weights in the bottom of my outdoor curtain?


It can be done but it is not something we advise doing.  When the wind blows you will have weighted projectiles in the hem which could lead to some serious damage as well as decrease the longevity of your outdoor curtain as well.  


Riviera Outdoor Decor and Wind Resistant Outdoor Curtains

Our wind resistant outdoor curtains are made with a proprietary system that has solved the wind problem associated with outdoor curtains by eliminating the sail effect.  


Where can I find Wind-Resistant Outdoor Curtains

You can find our wind-resistant outdoor curtains on our website:  They are custom made to fit your outdoor space and coordinate with your outdoor decor.   

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