Traversing Wind Resistant Outdoor Curtains

Choose traversing curtains when you want to open and close the curtains for privacy, light control, or even to create an outdoor movie screen!


 Ripplefold Outdoor Curtains

Contemporary and sophisticated are our Ripplefold wind resistant outdoor curtains.  Our ripplefold panels have the same vent system allowing the wind to pass through and reduce the sail effect and increases the longevity of the curtain. We recommend a tie back when not in use.

Our Ripplefold outdoor panels operate with ease for traversing and make excellent outdoor movie theater screens, reduce the mosquito population and eliminate the glare of the sun while also providing privacy.

Our outdoor ripplefold hardware is engineered for outdoors made of stainless steel and then powder coated for additional insurance against the outdoor elements.

Grommet Outdoor Curtains