Outdoor Cushions and foam, what you need to know

Outdoor Cushions and foam, what you need to know

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Outdoor Cushions and foam, what you need to know

Outdoor Cushions and foam may not sound too exciting but there are things that are helpful to know before you order.

While outdoor cushionsmay look beautiful in the big box store, it can be discouraging when you get them home and find they only last a few years. Soon, they are thrown on the garbage pile where they are headed for the landfill or ocean and you feel your money is wasted.

How long should an Outdoor Cushion last?

An Outdoor Cushion that is constructed correctly and is well maintained should last twelve to fifteen years. For more information on how to maintain your outdoor cushions, check our Blog post

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we make our cushions to withstand the harshest of all coastal elements- humidity, sun, sand and wind with Sunbrella fabric, specialized proprietary manufacturing techniques, in addition to a high quality foam to preserve the life span of the cushion. While these notions and techniques may add to the cost and difficulty for manufacturing an outdoor cushion, it also increases the longevity of an outdoor cushion.

The first question to ask yourself before you buy Outdoor Cushions  

Before selecting an Outdoor Cushion the first question to ask yourself is- where will this cushion be?  Under a covered porch or in the outdoor elements? This is the reason, we have separated our outdoor cushions into two different categories to place your order: Chaise Lounge Cushions or Custom Outdoor Cushions

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 Outdoor Cushions Under a Covered Porch/Patio

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Outdoor Cushions pool side and in outdoor elements

Why is this so important?  Different outdoor foam will be needed if a cushion will be exposed to the outdoor elements. In addition, different methods of manufacturing or construction of the cushion cover are required if they are to last in the outdoor elements versus under a covered porch


Let’s take a look at the two different categories of outdoor foam


Outdoor foam for cushions left in the elements

We highly recommend Dry Fast foam.  This is an open cell foam that has open pores that promote airflow and excellent water drainage abilities. Water passes right through the foam without being absorbed. Dry Fast dries out quickly and is antimicrobial, sometimes called biocide which prevents the growth of mold and mildew as the foam dries out.  This feature makes Dry Fast an excellent choice, maintenance free for outdoor cushions, especially when paired with an equally water draining fabric such as a vinyl mesh. Note: Dry Fast foam cannot be exposed to sunlight or it will deteriorate quickly. Therefore, this kind of cushion cannot be flipped. Another alternative is to use Sunbrella Rain 

What this means is that you can have a chaise lounge poolside, get out of the pool and immediately go to the chaise lounge where the pool water will run immediately through the cushion allowing you to have a dry cushion to relax on.

Two types of foam for covered areas

Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam

  A traditional and common type of foam that absorbs water and should be utilized under a covered patio.   This foam is formulated with a biocide, antibacterial treatment to prevent the growth of mold and mildew when exposed to water.

For cushions with this type of foam that has a tendency to absorb water, we recommend a high quality cushion wrap.  We recommend this foam in a fabric with a high water resistance fabric such as Sunbrella fabric where the finish is maintained and left under a covered porch. 


High Density Polyurethane

Your last choice for patio cushion foam is High Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam. This foam contains  antimicrobial properties as well that help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.  Unlike the Medium Density and Dry Fast foam, High Density will typically last up to 12 years, making it a great choice if you use your patio frequently and want cushions that will last a long time. As with Medium Density, this foam will soak up moisture, so we recommend following the same waterproofing techniques for this foam as we mentioned for Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam.

We hope this Blog post has been helpful. We have completed over 2,000 successful designs and over 20 years of experience with outdoor living and a lifetime experience of living on the coast. If we can assist you in your selection of Outdoor Cushions or Outdoor Decor, please contact us here: https://rivieraoutdoordecor.com/

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