Outdoor Fire Tables-  What are some fun ideas for use?

Outdoor Fire Tables- What are some fun ideas for use?

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Outdoor fire tables are beautiful to look at, and obviously helpful to take the chill out of the air, but are they any fun?  Let us examine that question in this article for "Inspirational Ideas for Backyard Resorts".

In coastal areas you may ask yourself, "how often will I use an outdoor fire table?"  The answer for me has been- every day.  Why, you may ask?  When there is inclement weather in coastal areas, we are at a loss for fun and the fire table has been effective in combating boredom.  

I have been pleasantly surprised how much we have enjoyed our fire tables over the years.  It has become our 'digital detox' center to get some fresh air, take in nature or fun times with family and friends or simple peaceful solo times.

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Five ideas for fun with family and friends with an Outdoor Fire Table

1).  Game Night- Enjoy playing board games or cards or warming up after lawn games (corn hole is a favorite).  Fun times like this create great memories with family and friends.

2).  Hot Chocolate Bar- Warm up by the soft glow of a warm fire with hot chocolate.  You may want to include peppermints, toffee, marshmallows, chocolate chips and more!

3). S'mores- Enjoy endless hours of fun with kids or grandkids roasting marshmallows and making S'mores with the kids

4).  Spark engaging and fun conversation - Remember the campfires and all the fun conversation when you were little- campfire stories? Bring back those good times with a fire table

5).  Read a book and Journal- At the end of the day, a fire table is a great place to read a book or journal while sipping a glass of wine and a soft throw.  

An even better idea is to set your fire table outside a cabana and under the stars for reading and journaling.

6). Watch a beautiful Sunrise or Sunset- We have enjoyed some of the most beautiful sunrises by our fire table with a warm cup of coffee watching the coastal birds fly overhead.  It has truly been breathtaking at times.

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Polywood outdoor fire table and S'mores with the children
Outdoor Fire Tables with Cabana, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, TexasRelax under the stars by the soft glow and warmth of the fire table while enjoying a book or journaling

Are Outdoor Fire Tables used only in cooler weather?

The three rules for outdoor furnishings are: multifunctional, multiseasonal and always with storage. 

Multiseasonal- Your fall and winter tables become your summer coffee tables while being used all year long for dining. This means outdoor fire tables are truly multiseasonal.

Multiseasonal- Outdoor fire tables can be multifunctional.  A feature we have in some of our fire tables is the removal of the fire unit for the summer ice bin.  This is an excellent way to keep all the summer snacks and drinks cool during hot weather

Storage-Many of the fire tables have a cabinet underneath for storage of various items such as board games, lawn games and covers.

How easy is it to use Outdoor Fire Tables?

It is very easy to use a fire table.  It is a push of the button and a lighter and you are set to go!  Gone are the days of gathering firewood, storing firewood or purchasing firewood and hoping nothing has gotten wet or difficult to light.  

Some outdoor fire tables may have a center piece to protect the burners when not in use.  Other fire tables may have wind gaurds that remain in place.  The point here is that there is some level of customization with fire tables to select from.  We recommend that you consult with a professionally trained outdoor room designer so that the fire table you select is the right material for the right location and function.  We have thousands of outdoor tables to select from.

Will the Outdoor Fire Tables rust in Coastal Climates?

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we are all about offering a curated collection of coastal outdoor furniture, kitchens and accessories that withstand the corrosive coastal conditions of salt and humidity that contribute to rust. 

Our products are either marine grade stainless steel (316) or Stainless Steel (304)in addition to being powder coated to further protect against corrosion and rust. In addition, we also carry outdoor furniture in polyethylene (HDPE) or recycled plastics.

Our goal at Riviera Outdoor Decor is to save our client's money by not having to replace their outdoor furnishings in order to grow their outdoor rooms and kitchens.  We also want to protect the environment by not filling up landfills with rusted out patio furniture that requires constant replacement.

Want to view more Fire Tables?  Find us at:  Riviera Outdoor Decor

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