Outdoor Kitchens, five important questions to ask

Outdoor Kitchens, five important questions to ask

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Outdoor kitchen, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi

Outdoor kitchen and seating designed and created by Riviera Outdoor Decor

Five important questions to ask before purchasing an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor living are the hub of family fun and entertainment, especially along the coast.  They add fun and something special to everyday life.  It is the place to put away the computer and cell phones and enjoy the feeling of fresh air and relaxing outdoors with friends and family. 

1).  How will you use it?

  • Is the kitchen just for cooking, or do you want to entertain there?
  • Will you prepare the food indoors, and use the outdoor kitchen just to grill?  Or do you want to clean, chop and mix next to your grill?
  • Do you want seating close to the kitchen, or even connected?
  • How many people do you want to be able to entertain?

Outdoor kitchen and seating, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Port Aransas, Texas

Outdoor Kitchen with extended seating around grill area

2).  What appliances do you want?

After you have determined your 'why' for the outdoor kitchen and how it will be used, the appliances should be clear.  Remember, it is easier to design a kitchen around appliances than to find appliances to match specific requirements. Determine the appliances you want first. 

  • Grill - The grill is your centerpiece, but there are many options available.  Do you prefer the ease and convenience of propane/gas, or do you savor the taste from a wood or charcoal fire?  How about a Kamado style grill?  What size will meet your needs?  Our most requested sizes are 32-36 or 42" and 48" with 42" being the most requested size.
  • Side burners - Do you need a side burner?  or two?  Will you use them for warming the beans, or boiling a big pot of shrimp?  Your designer can help you select burners with the right BTU capacity.
  • Refrigerator - Who doesn't want to keep cold drinks close by in the summer heat?
  • Griddle -  This is very popular for families with children or grandchildren for Saturday morning pancakes
  • Sink - Rinse your veggies or wash your hands, a sink next to the grill comes in handy!
  • Insulated cooler - There is no such thing as too many cool drinks.

3).  What materials do I want for cabinets?

In outdoor furnishings, there is no universal "one size fits all."  Different climates require different materials and construction.  Coastal outdoor elements just happen to be brutal with the salt, humidity and wind. Coastal outdoor furnishings and kitchens require specialized materials, construction and maintenance in order to last.

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, our outdoor kitchens are made of solid cast aluminum, stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel in addition to being powder coated. We offer over eighty different finishes and colors.  In addition, at Riviera Outdoor Decor, with every outdoor kitchen we include a complimentary outdoor furniture cover to further protect your outdoor kitchen investment from the elements. 

4). What about the design for the outdoor kitchen?

The design for your outdoor kitchen should be clearly communicated with no guesswork and little to no visualization required. At Riviera Outdoor Decor, our outdoor kitchens are designed with 3D software so there is no guesswork in what you are getting.

Prior to meeting with your designer, determine not only the appliances but the elements you would like to have in your outdoor kitchen.  How do you want to feel in this outdoor space?  Expect to pay a design fee.  Numerous hours of design time can go into an outdoor kitchen design along with finding sources and creating a mood board.  

5).  What should you look for in your outdoor kitchen designer?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself.  Designing an outdoor kitchen is very different than an interior kitchen.  What is the designers training for outdoor kitchens?  Specifically, for coastal outdoor kitchens.  Are they up to date on their CEUs for outdoor kitchens? Can they show you an actual outdoor kitchen they have designed and not a series of photographs?

What I really want to know is...

How much can I expect to spend and how will this increase my home's value?

Obviously you do not want to overspend for your area.  The second question to ask yourself is... will it increase my home's value.  The answer to that question is in our Blog post from the American Institute of Architects.

For our clients in the Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, North Padre Island and Rockport, Texas area schedule your showroom visit with Riviera Outdoor Decor:  Here

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