Outdoor Patio Spaces without Mosquitoes

Outdoor Patio Spaces without Mosquitoes

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Outdoor patio spaces without mosquitoes

Outdoor patio spaces without mosquitoes?  Sound too good to be true? While you cannot eliminate mosquitoes completely, you can reduce them.  Part IV in our VI Part series

So, the outdoor space is complete, now how can you enjoy it without the summertime bugs?  This one solution will solve many of your problems on the porch. Let’s face it, nothing can ruin an outdoor party quicker then mosquitoes. You may have plenty of mosquito spray but frankly, your guest do not want to paint themselves with chemicals at your party and feel you should have taken care of it ahead of time. 

outdoor patio space without mosquitoes due to ceiling fans, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

First, Mosquitoes are horrible fliers. So, let's create some wind. Nothing will do that better for you than to add ceiling fans on your porch or covered decking where citronella are.  The ceiling fans will help spread the fragrance of the citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away. Look for a beautiful line of citronella candles in coastal and seasonal decor soon to be released by Riviera Outdoor Decor.  Finally a beautiful line of citronella candles!

 Most people believe one ceiling fan should do it. Not necessarily so, if I have a seating group of five-six people that is how many ceiling fans I will add to the design. I will continue with the fans across the porch area. This accomplishes two goals for you in outdoor entertaining: 1) keeping your guest cooler and comfortable, and 2) minimizing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are weak fliers and do not like the breeze created by the fans. Also note, if you have tall ceilings and your ceiling fans are not accomplishing the task of keeping mosquitoes way , you might want to add some inconspicuous floor fans.
If mosquitoes still come onto your porch a product called “The Egg” has been a good solution.

 Two products have been our favorite in keeping the mosquito population down in our area. However, you want to continue following the standard guidelines of no standing water or tall grass etc... since Mosquitoes prefer tall grass and bushes to hide out in and it is a constant battle to keep them out here is one of our favorites. No chemicals are used and it traps and kills the mosquitoes.  The Mosquito Magnet.

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Mosquito Magnet available on Amazon


Another product we will use if the mosquitoes are very heavy just after a rain and prior to a backyard party.  The "Cutter Back yard Bug Control along with the "Mosquito Magnet" will leave you virtually mosquito free.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control available most anywhere

And, if you are like me and love the look of Tiki Torches around the chaise lounge, pool or hot tub at night, This is the best for keeping mosquitoes away.

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