Patio Screens for Mosquito Prevention

Patio Screens for Mosquito Prevention

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Patio screens may not sound like much of an investment in your home; however, surrendering valuable real estate to mosquitos is not a smart idea either.   I almost envision dollar bills swirling down the drain as I am chased inside by an insect less than ¼” long.  The thought of losing money AND missing out on the outdoor fun is painful.

Who has not been chased inside by a swarm of mosquitos at dusk or dawn and had their plans for outdoor fun ruined?

Please note, in this Blog post when we say patio screens, we are referring to roll down patio screens. This allows you freedom to open and move about as you please .

Yes, treating the lawn does help, but that does not get all of them.  And, what if you have not had the time to treat the lawn, or want a solution that is more environmentally friendly?

In this Blog, we will focus on using screens to protect your outdoor kitchen, dining and conversational areas from mosquitoes.  However, our products also work with No-See-Ums (also known as midges). We discussed other methods of controlling mosquitoes in an earlier Blog- Outdoor Entertaining without the Pests

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we offer Roll Down Screens and Mosquito Curtains to meet every budget, with three different options to choose from

Option One- Insolroll Oasis 2900

Our premium roll down screen, keep to keep mosquitos and no-see-ums out while providing sun protection, privacy from neighbors and a break from strong wind gusts. The Insolroll Oasis 2900 provides all the function while protecting the view.

Patio Screens, roll down, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi

Important Features for Insolroll Oasis 2900

  • Custom Sizes to 19′ wide. Multiple screens can be used for larger spaces and programmed to operate together.

  • Motorized operation with Somfy or Driven by Lutron™ Systems, integrates with home automation or iPad. Manual Operation is another option

  • SHY®Zip zipper-retention side track system

  • Tested for high wind conditions.  The captured edge system holds the fabric taut and stable while also providing a wind break for the patio.

  • Fabric selection exclusive for insect protection can vary from low sun protection to top shelf protection from the sun while preserving the view.

  • Video of roll down screen Oasis 2900

Option Two- Insolroll Oasis 2800

Excellent choice for a roll down screen to keep bugs out, reduce the heat, and make your deck or patio more enjoyable with a level of privacy from neighbors. 

Patio screens, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas by Insoroll

Important Features for the Insoroll Oasis 2800 

  • Custom sizes to 19′ wide

  • Motorized with Somfy or Driven by Lutron™ Systems

  • Manual hand crank operation available

  • Choice of side track or cable guide fabric stabilization system

  • Welded fabric edges for durability

Option three- Mosquito Curtains

Another excellent choice that is also budget friendly,  to keep the mosquitos and no-see-ums away from your outdoor patio and guests. However, as you can see from the description and name, these are not roll downs but curtains you can easily use. 


  • Important Features for the Mosquito Curtains

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to open and close with magnet enclosures
  • Edges are sealed
  • A decorative outdoor curtain can be used when in open position

Schedule an appointment with us now to enjoy your patio space mosquito free.  

For more information on Patio Screens, please see our page South Texas Local Customers.  

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