The Outdoor Living Report 2023

The Outdoor Living Report 2023

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The 2023 Outdoor Living Report, produced by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens in partnership with The Harris Poll, demonstrates what we have known all along...  

Outdoor Living is Here to Stay! 

Outdoor Living has steadily been building momentum and highly sought after for the past twenty years as reported in Architectural  Digest.  The demand for Outdoor Living continues to soar in the wake of the pandemic and does not appear to be slowing down.  This means outdoor living is here to stay, and even an expected feature when purchasing a home. 

One of the best investments to make in a home

Over seventy-five percent of Americans report that when looking for a new home, they would prioritize purchase of a home with an Outdoor Living space over one that did not have one.  Historically, kitchens and baths have been the primary focus when looking for a home.  However, potential homeowners are increasing their budgets for outdoor spaces. 

Bolder, Brighter colors with Durable, Sustainable Materials

Surveying over 2,000 Americans, 69% see outdoor kitchens as an opportunity for different color selections compared with their interiors, and 77% embrace the opportunity to depart from more traditional options for their outdoor design.  While a large percentage of Americans see Outdoor Living and Entertainment as a space to get creative, still 30% of the people surveyed prefer to have a more 'traditional' style.

Brown Jordan, Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen, Periwinkle, Riviera Outdoor Decor,Corpus Christi, Texas

ELEMENTS collection by Brown Jordan in Sapphire Powder Coat as shown at ICFF

Backyards as Resort Outdoor Spaces to Escape To

Over half of all surveyed report their design inspiration comes from resort hotels for their ideal outdoor living space.  Homeowners are now looking to create an everyday escape in the outdoor living of their backyards.  Currently, on the trend horizon are backyard bars with 40% expressing interest, and 45% note a preferred shift to more Zen-inspired escapes.

Outdoor ROom Designers, RIviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Backyard Resort Spaces by Riviera Outdoor Decor; Outdoor Kitchen, Dining, Pool, Sitting, and Dancing

We proudly carry the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen Collection

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we proudly carry the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen Collection.  We currently have on  on display in our showroom the Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel in the Key West Door panel.  The Marine Grade Stainless Steel is an excellent outdoor kitchen for our coastal area. We carry over forty different powder coat finishes and numerous cabinet door styles to select from.  Our design team is sure to create an outdoor space and kitchen that will create fun times and memories with family and friends.

For more information on Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens or Backyard Resort Spaces contact us at:

Outdoor Room Designers, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

The 2023 Outdoor Living Report was informed by a custom survey commissioned by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens in partnership with The Harris Poll, a leading global market research firm. This survey was conducted online within the United States from November 28-30, 2022 among 2,079 U.S. adults ages 18 and older. The sampling precision of Harris online polls is measured by using a Bayesian credible interval. For this study, the sample data is accurate to within +/- 2.8 percentage points using a 95% confidence level. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact

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