Secrets to a Beautiful Outdoor Room or Patio

Secrets to a Beautiful Outdoor Room or Patio

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A beautiful outdoor room or patio is not by accident but careful planning with selections of custom touches included.  Yes, new outdoor or patio furniture can help. However, we have been able to revive several outdoor rooms and patios by simply refreshing the cushions, pillows and a few outdoor accessories thereby helping our clients by saving them money. 

Very seldom, as outdoor room designers have we- if ever, walked into a perfect space to design for.  One of our most challenging spaces has been our own showroom.  When a client goes through our 'Showroom Tour' they are amazed at the beauty of our showroom and even more amazed when we tell them we have blended together- seamlessly, seven different finishes from five different companies.

So, what makes this all possible?

Custom Selections for Outdoor Spaces and Patios

So, while you may think an outdoor room or patio designer's job is for big budgets at great expense, the opposite is true.  We are professionally trained to select the right pieces with the right construction that will last the longest for the particular place it is designed for.  Quite often, we may have to create that custom piece that gives a bit of interest to an outdoor or patio space

I cannot imagine this outdoor room or patio by Ledge Lounger being this beautiful without custom outdoor selections in cushions or pillows.

Outdoor Room/Patio, by Ledge Lounger, available at Riviera Outdoor Decor, custom outdoor furnishings, Corpus Christi, Texas

Let's make an outdoor space beautiful and not ordinary

When purchased from a big box store you are limited to the fabric and furniture that is bought in bulk and not what is needed for your outdoor/patio space, in the correct scale, finish or with the correct blend of fabrics. The fabrics that are chosen are neutral so they are easy to sell and generally solid since there are no time consuming repeats to correctly place. There are limited options and nothing to add interest since 'neutral' is what will sell.  Most importantly, the products do not last as long with constant replacement being expensive!

The importance of an Outdoor Room Designer

Most importantly, there are no professionally trained Outdoor Room Designers in big box stores to guide in selections and options to create the outdoor room/space that you are wanting to create. 

An Outdoor Room/Patio Designer is specially trained to know what particular construction of a product is needed for a particular piece, for a particular spot, in an outdoor room all designed to work together in your space and to your taste.

Bottom line, it is really disappointing to have an outdoor room that you do not want but settle for due to limited selections.  

A Special Note about Outdoor Room or Patio Designers

While you may think an outdoor room or patio designers may not be needed and you can create the beautiful outdoor room without a designer. At Riviera Outdoor Decor, our designers are trained to make the right selections for you- that will last the longest. Quite often, our 3D designs are made with three options in: good, better or best with the option to purchase as your budget grows.  This way, you will know how your outdoor room will look without the guesswork and you can add to it as your budget grows without starting over. 

What Creates Interest or a High-End Look in an Outdoor Room 

It is the ability to add in the custom touches along with a 'bit of the unexpected' correctly applied that adds the interest in an outdoor room or patio.  An added benefit is the quality in a custom piece generally means it will last longer. It does for us at Riviera Outdoor Decor.  Our outdoor cushions have been know to last fifteen years as well as our wind-resistant outdoor curtains.  Even when our products are left out 365/24/7 in various tempature ranges along the coast- they lasts

Outdoor kitchen and dining, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

If you view the image above of the outdoor kitchen and dining notice how it coordinates with one of our prized custom pieces that we use for limited spaces such as this area for a bowed window. 

Custom Outdoor Swing/Daybed, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Custom outdoor swing/daybed, outdoor cushions, pillows and cord covers, Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Let's Get Started with your Beautiful Outdoor Room or Patio

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