Wood Patio Furniture

Tired of replacing worn-out patio furniture? Replacing cheap outdoor furniture can be expensive.

We are one of the very few outdoor furniture companies to be sourced and manufactured here in the USA. 

Mesquite Longer lasting then Teak

Our patio furniture made of Mesquite wood is a durable, sustainable, hard wood harvested along the Texas Gulf Coast where it is well suited to the harshest of all outdoor elements- extreme sun, wind and humidity.  

Mesquite is a very durable wood for the outdoors.  How long will  Mesquite wood last?  Read here.  Remnants of mesquite wood from the 1800s that were used to pave streets of San Antonio are still being found today with street maintenance.  

Mesquite, Teak and Mahogany are equally ranked as the most stable hardwoods in the world.  Mesquite can withstand heavy weight and moisture changes which make it the most suitable for outdoors. For more information read here.

Our introductory piece is our Outdoor Daybed Swing and our coordinating Chaise Lounge and Outdoor Table is currently in product development and scheduled to be released soon .