Custom Made Outdoor Curtains and Drapery for Patio & Porch

Elevate the beauty of your outdoor living space with our custom wind-resistant Sunbrella outdoor curtains.  Transform your simple patio design to a resort outdoor room. Choose from a Sunbrella white sheer for a simple tab top or mix together Sunbrella fabrics for an elevated patio design.  Custom outdoor embroidery can be added as well.

Each design allows you to coordinate all the elements of your outdoor living space for a cohesive look with your custom outdoor cushions, outdoor pillows and outdoor rug. 

All our outdoor curtain designs can be made wind-resistant or standard outdoor curtain.  

For areas that have high wind gusts we do not recommend adding weights to your outdoor curtains nor tie downs.  Adding weights or tie downs will increase the extra wear and tear on your fabric and sail effect.  We do however, recommend our engineered and proprietary wind-resistant outdoor curtains.  To view our wind-resistant outdoor curtains in high wind gust- click here

Wind Resistant Outdoor Curtains - Stationary

Cuff-Top Curtains



 A relaxed outdoor drapery look that can coordinate all the design elements of your outdoor room.  The cuff top, tabs, welt and outdoor drapery tie back, can add a much needed pop of color and design statement with your choice of Sunbrella fabric.  You can now coordinate all pieces of your outdoor living space- outdoor cushions, outdoor pillows, rugs and outdoor curtains with Riviera Outdoor Decor without leaving the space of your own home.

This outdoor curtain can be wind-resistant or standard outdoor drapery.


Angle-Tab Curtains

Custom wind resistant outdoor drape, angled tab top



The angled tab top, scrunchie and outdoor drapery tie back elevate the design of your outdoor living space. Customize your Sunbrella fabric choices and coordinate with other outdoor furnishings. Elevate your outdoor patio design above the big box store look.

This outdoor curtain can be wind-resistant or standard outdoor drapery.

Tab-Top Curtains




Simple resort style Tab Top Panels with an outdoor curtain tieback for added design detail.  Custom details can be added with your selection of Sunbrella outdoor fabric.  Seashell trim is also offered in this design as shown in the picture.