Guide to Purchasing Outdoor Curtains

Guide to Purchasing Outdoor Curtains

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Why do I need a guide to purchasing outdoor curtains? How hard can it be?  Like anything else, you want to get the most out of your money and perhaps solve a few problems encountered in outdoor living to ensure you and your guest are comfortable in the outdoors.


Form Follows Function

Which outdoor curtain do I need? What do I select?

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An important question to ask yourself prior to purchasing outdoor curtains is to ask yourself "What am I hoping to accomplish in this purchase?  What problem am I wanting to solve?  Some questions may be...

1).  Privacy- Do I need these outdoor curtains to address a concern for privacy from neighbors?

2).  Shade- Are there certain times of the day you need shade from the sun and do not want to feel closed in? 

3).  Rain- Do you need a total rain block or a filter from the rain?

4).  Mosquitoes- Tired of surrendering valuable Real Estate to a bug?

5).  Entertainment- Do you love outdoor movie night with the family? 

6).  Water Aerobics- Need an outdoor screen and not place your computer by the pool?

7).  Elevate the design/comfort- Easy solution

These are just a few questions to consider.  You may have others.  Please feel free to contact us for expert advice:

8).  How wide is the area to be covered as well as how tall?

9).  Are the outdoor curtains decorative or functional?

10). How often are the outdoor curtains to be opened or closed?

11). Will these outdoor drapes need to be stationary or traverse?

12). Is there a covered shelter to install the outdoor curtain hardware in order to not void the manufacturers warranty?  

13). What if I cannot install my outdoor draperies under a covered shelter?  Well, we have a solution for that as well.  It is an upcoming Blog post.  Keep checking back!

14). How much wind is there in the area? If wind is a concern in your area, remember outdoor curtains are never to be weighed down nor tied down.  This will rip your outdoor curtain to shreds over time.  To purchase our wind resistant outdoor curtains look Here


At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we are the trained professionals to custom make your outdoor curtains to the specifications needed for any outdoor space or aesthetic.



Let's look at one quick example before we introduce our table in outdoor curtain selection


We will use the featured image above as our example, discuss the design perimeters along with the problems the homeowner wanted us solve with these outdoor drapes.

Design perimeters were to be a sophisticated coastal resort outdoor patio room.  The outdoor curtains needed to traverse across a wide expanse- thirty four feet along with being able to close three to five times a week.  The outdoor drapes needed to diffuse the bright east sun in the morning without the feeling of being closed in.  In addition, the homeowner wanted to be able to block mosquitoes when needed along with using the curtain for outdoor movie night with the family and when needed for outdoor aerobics. 


Sunbrella fabric, Ripplefold outdoor draperies to be closed with a baton.  The outdoor curtains are made to be wind-resistant due to high wind conditions and the large expanse.  This also addresses the clients need to diffuse the bright morning sun without feeling closed in along with a barrier of protection from mosquitoes. 


Video of Outdoor Curtains as outdoor movie screen.


To purchase our outdoor curtains view Here

Green = Recommended

Yellow = Functional

Function: Tab Top Grommet Ripplefold





<48" Coverage

48-96" Coverage  

>96" Coverage  


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