Outdoor Fabric Quality:  Carrot or Radish?

Outdoor Fabric Quality: Carrot or Radish?

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Outdoor fabric, what is the difference in quality.  Get your coast onWhat really makes a difference in a quality outdoor fabric? Well, the answer may surprise you. Would you be surprised to know it is similar to comparing a carrot and a radish? 


Outdoor fabric is it a carrot or a radish?

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The quality of the outdoor fabric depends if it is a carrot or a radish. What does this mean? Think of it this way, with a radish the color is on the outside only- right? When you cut into a radish you will find it red on the outside and a creamy white on the inside. Contrast that with cutting carrots. When you slice carrots not only are they orange on the outside but orange all the way through.


Outdoor fabric, a solution dyed acrylic is the carrot

The same is true with quality outdoor fabric. Or, what we call "solution dyed acrylic". With quality solution dyed fabric you have a carrot and not a radish. That is, most fabrics start out as colorless fibers that are woven into yarn and stamped with dye over the top of the fabric using a roller. Whereas, a solution-dyed acrylic is dyed before the yarn is ever created. A solution dyed fabric has color all the way through and not just on top. A liquid acrylic solution is then mixed with dye and formed into a fiber and spun into yarn. In essence, you have the carrot. This process creates a superhero-like product that is not only soft to the touch, but also colorfast and water-resistant.


What outdoor fabric or solution dyed fabric do we recommend?

We use Sunbrella fabric exclusively. It may cost a little more but it also last a lot longer as well costing you far less in the long run. This is in line with our core values for our clients. That is, you never get a head by replacing. Our products are made to the highest standards in quality and design. We have installed or used Sunbrella fabric facing west with reflection off the water along the Gulf Coast with no fade out from the sun even after 15 years of use year round.


Not all outdoor fabric is truly outdoor fabric...lessons from the school of experience

The first outdoor project, I ever made, long before I entered this business, I purchased what I thought was outdoor fabric from a rather large big box store for sewing goods. Needless to say, after all that work, it only lasted three weeks before fading out on an outdoor covered porch and not even in the outdoor elements.

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