Outdoor Patio Furniture Showdown: Teak vs. Mesquite

Outdoor Patio Furniture Showdown: Teak vs. Mesquite

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Did you know Mesquite ranks equally with Teak and Mahogany are equally ranked as the most stable hardwoods?  Mesquite is an excellent wood for outdoor furniture strong, resistant to humidity and salt in the air. 

If you love the coastal farmhouse look than you will love the look of Mesquite Outdoor Furniture.

From the design studios of Riviera Outdoor Decor, when you live along the Gulf Coast, you are in fact a test lab for sustainability for outdoor furniture and the ability to withstand the harshest of outdoor elements- extreme sun, wind, humidity and rapidly changing temperatures. 

In the quest for premium wood to use in outdoor furnishings, we looked no further than our backyard filled with Mesquite trees and began the research process.


Outdoor furniture Daybed Swing made of Mesquite

Pictured above- Our Outdoor Daybed Swing made of Mesquite wood.  Chaise lounge and Outdoor Table currently in product development.  Outdoor cushions designed and created by Riviera Outdoor Decor and sold separately. 


While researching the quality of Mesquite for outdoor furniture, we found some interesting articles from trustworthy sites.  Here is one of my favorites: https://www.woodmagazine.com/materials-guide/lumber/wood-species-2/mesquite    Along with my favorite quote:

"In the late 1800s, citizens of San Antonio paved the streets leading to their Texas shrine, the Alamo, with mesquite slabs. In testament to mesquite's durability, remnants of the wood still surface from the activity of street maintenance."

Another source describes how mesquite is used in various applications, including shipbuilding: https://www.westwindhardwood.com/taproot/2012/05/mesquite-theres-a-lovehate-relationship/

"As a species used for woodworking, it is hard and dimensionally stable. Teak, mahogany and mesquite are equally ranked as the most stable hardwoods in the world.  It is harder than oak and maple.  Long-lasting, it can withstand heavy weight and moisture changes.  I’m hearing that it is becoming the ‘new exotic’ of the US as various woodworking and trade associations encourage the sourcing of local, home-grown woods to replace those that have fallen politically and environmentally out of favour."


Conclusion: Mesquite wood ranks equally with Teak and Mahogany 

As stated above, Mesquite is long-lasting and can withstand heavy weight and moisture changes.  As a lifelong resident of the Texas Gulf Coast, I can agree with the statement that Mesquite can withstand moisture changes.  Within a few days, I have seen temperatures change from the mid-eighties to seven inches of snow. 

Mesquite is rapidly becoming the new exotic of the United States to encourage the responsible sourcing of local, home-grown woods and employing more citizens across the United States.

To further verify how hard a wood Mesquite truly is, the chart in this link shows that mesquite compares very favorably to teak for hardness, as well.


Riviera Outdoor Decor your source for Mesquite Patio Furniture

At the studios of Riviera Outdoor Decor, we believe in responsible sourcing of Mesquite wood.  We source our wood through local providers and manufacture our patio furniture locally.  We are continuing to develop and extend our line of patio furniture.  

To view our Mesquite outdoor patio furniture and see the richness and durability of the wood, we invite you to contact us through our website Here


To view our Mesquite Outdoor Daybed Swing 


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