The Best Outdoor Furnishings for Coastal Climates

The Best Outdoor Furnishings for Coastal Climates

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All Outdoor Furnishings are not the same

Outdoor furnishings for coastal climates can be expensive, let's admit it!  To further add to the cost, you may have to keep replacing them.  Ouch!

To keep the cost down, people believe they are smart consumers by purchasing the cheaper outdoor furniture or outdoor cushions at the big box store or online dealer.  I have spoken with numerous people who honestly believe it is something you need to replace every few years.  Not at all! 

Outdoor furniture purchased for the right climate and properly maintained should last twenty years or more.

Big box stores or online stores want to sell to the masses when it comes to outdoor furnishings, and not to what the specific geographical climate requires for longevity in the product.  Think of it this way, would an outdoor product for Michigan need to be the same for Florida or the Texas Gulf Coast?

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How do I get my Outdoor Furniture to Last?

Coastal areas are known for their humidity and salt which can be very corrosive.  The humidity leads to mold, mildew and rust, while the salinity contributes to the corrosion.

What you need to do to avoid mold and rust in outdoor furnishings:

1). Buy the correct outdoor furniture for coastal areas, including: 

  • Polymer Resin, our favorite is Polywood which is made from recycled plastics and seems to last forever. 
  • Cast aluminum that is powder coated.
  • Synthetic Rattan
  • Mesquite
  • Teak
  • Always, always cover your outdoor furniture.  This means all your outdoor furniture and NOT the cushions only-  as advertised by one manufacturer. Protect your furniture from coastal outdoor elements and bird waste.  Not only will you be thankful but so will your guests.

For more information or design inspiration visit: Riviera Outdoor Decor

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2).  Quality Outdoor Cushions manufactured for the Coast.

  • How long should your outdoor cushion covers last?  When your outdoor cushions are maintained AND correctly constructed for coastal outdoor elements, they should last fifteen years or more.
  • For more information on the maintenance of outdoor cushions, we have an excellent and in depth  Blog Post
  • Cover your outdoor furniture and cushions to protect them from coastal outdoor elements and bird waste to prolong the life of your investment.
  • Outdoor cushions need to be able to drain to avoid mold.  That is, when properly constructed, the water should immediately flow through and not get trapped.
  • Another construction method is to use Sunbrella Rain fabric. This is a waterproof fabric that I recommend to sample first. The feel or hand of the fabric may be difficult for some.  An outdoor cushion made from Sunbrella Rain does require a specific form of construction. 
  • At Riviera Outdoor Decor, for our local services on cushions we have made, we provide a concierge services for cleaning, restoration and repair if needed.  Contact us 

At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we believe your outdoor living should be fun, luxurious and long-lasting.  Contact us if we can help.

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