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Best Outdoor Patio Designer for the Texas Gulf Coast

A porch can evoke many feelings from a peaceful, easy beach to the laughter of the family making cherished memories of family fun. 
Whether you are preparing a meal on the grill for outdoor dining with family and friends, cooling off in the pool, playing board games on the porch, or watching sunsets or sunrises while enjoying a cup of coffee, outdoor living spaces are the hub of a coastal home bringing everyone of all ages together. 

This is why outdoor rooms and patios have become our favorite rooms to design.  We understand families.  We have four children of our own and know first hand the difficulty of balancing work stress, the need to unwind and quality family life.  This means stepping outside for a breath of fresh air without computers and cell phones.

This is why we have created our outdoor decor for family life.  Our products not only make your patio beautiful and luxurious but multi-functional as well.  We do not simply sell outdoor curtains, we sell them so they are wind-resistant and do not rip apart.  We also make them to double as outdoor movie screens giving you more value for your money.  Your kids can relax on floats in the pool with friends and take in an outdoor movie at the same time.  What a wonderful childhood memory!

Perhaps, you have children or even grandparents who would enjoy a game of checkers?  Yes, we had that in mind when we designed our outdoor cushions as well.

Who does not enjoy outdoor dining and a family barbecue?  At Riviera Outdoor Decor our outdoor dining tablecloths and placemats are designed to create a beautiful table setting to impress, with beautiful candle settings to keep bugs and mosquitoes away.

We invite you to scan our products for more detail.  Please be aware we are adding new products to our website weekly.

Designing for outdoor spaces presents unique challenges from weather proofing to heavy-duty material selection, requiring expert knowledge and a specific skill set of design and construction of outdoor decor. So, how do you know our products and designers are the ones to be trusted for the job?

  • Twenty years and over 2,000 designs of success
  • Three time International Award Winning Designer and manufacturer with numerous publications.  Please see 'Awards and Recognition'
  • Advanced training not only in design but Outdoor Living complete with a Master's Degree
  • Lifelong experience living on the Coast

 “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” - Henry David Thoreau

It is our mission to affect the quality of your day and family time by giving you an outdoor space and patio to rest, recharge, away from cell phones and computers because family time without distractions are memories to last forever. 

The transformation of this patio and outdoor room is unbelievable and a beautiful start to the day

Transform a back yard only a mosquito could love...

 Into an inviting getaway!


 Our three core values for our customers are:

1)  Nobody gets ahead by constantly replacing.

Unlike the big-box stores, giant on-line retailer or the designer who will hire the lowest cost sewing workroom - our outdoor decor is specially designed and masterfully crafted by our International Award Winning Lead Designer and Studio Owner.  Along with her specially trained team, she creates every product to give you numerous years of use.  Not only do we use the best outdoor fabrics and supplies, but our products and processes are designed for longevity. The money you save by not replacing your furnishings every 2-3 years leaves you more resources to create your dream outdoor space.

2) An outdoor room that is well planned, adds value to your home.

Well designed and planned outdoor spaces add value to your home.  It’s like adding square footage without the construction cost. It is one of the wisest use of your design dollars for investment purposes.  For more detail on this subject, please read our Blog post here.

3) The best life is connected to people.

With the flood of electronics clamoring for our attention, it takes a deliberate effort to set them aside and focus on what matters most.  We find that stepping outside is a good way to escape the listening ears of Google and Alexa.


Meet Our Team of Professionals

We are a family owned boutique patio and outdoor living store located in Corpus Christi, Texas along the Texas Gulf Coast also known as the Texas Riviera.

Melissa Hammann- Owner Riviera Outdoor Decor, Corpus Christi


Melissa Hammann -  Lead designer and owner of Riviera Outdoor Decor

Melissa is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design. She holds a Master of Science from Texas A&M, Magna Cum Laude; Bachelor of Business, Texas A&M, Finance and Accounting; Custom Home Furnishings Academy- 15 Certifications including Outdoor Living.

Melissa has been honored three times- 2018, 2019 and 2020, to have received the highly coveted and esteemed International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE)/Vision Magazine Award for Curtains and Draperies for both 2018, 2019 and 2020 (category to be announced)  It is the ‘Academy Awards’ for anyone in custom home decor design and fabrication. 

She is a former board member at large for the Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA)  and the Immediate Past President for the Window Coverings Association of America- Virtual Chapter.  She is also the Administrator for the Soft Furnishings and Upholstery Workroom- Network page of 1,400 members on Facebook.

Melissa started Riviera Decor almost twenty years ago followed by the specialty store of Riviera Outdoor Decor.  She held a previous career in education as a teacher and educational diagnostician.


Mark Hammann- Owner Riviera Outdoor Decor


Mark Hammann- Lead Engineer

Mark is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and System Science and Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude.

If something needs to be done that appears extremely difficult, requires precision and seems impossible, Mark is who we turn to.  We credit Mark for the engineering behind the wind-resistant outdoor curtains.



Julie Jones

Fabrication Specialist

Julie is an industry specialist to-the- trade with over 20 years of experience.  She has served on the Board for the WCAA and is well known for her attention to detail. 

Donna Johnson

Donna is an embroidery specialist exclusive to-the-trade and exclusive to Riviera Outdoor Decor for Outdoor Embroidery.  She is also a noted speaker for IWCE