Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen and Appliances for Coastal Homes

Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen and Appliances for Coastal Homes

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A marine grade outdoor kitchen is a must for beach front property, a wise investment for your real estate and entertainment dollar.  Nothing can beat the view from a beachfront outdoor kitchen while you are grilling your favorite meal for outdoor fun and entertaining with family and friends while dining alfresco.   

However, selections and the design needed for a beach front outdoor kitchen, including appliances, will require the expert guidance and experience of a professional outdoor room designer.  That is, if you want it to last and not waste your money.

In this 'Inspired Living for Backyard Resorts' by Riviera Outdoor Decor, we will discuss our design for a beachfront home on Bethany Beach in Delaware.

The Virtual Outdoor Kitchen Design

Initially, our client contacted us from their home in Charlotte, North Carolina for a home that was currently under construction in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Our client had been searching for an outdoor kitchen designer that specialized in marine grade outdoor kitchens for her beachfront home.  The Marine Grade specifications led her to us at Riviera Outdoor Decor located in Corpus Christi, along the Texas Gulf Coast where coastal conditions are known to be strong, and where we have a wealth of experience.

We followed our four-step process "Outdoor kitchens & Design Services for our online Clients".  

From our conversation with our client we developed floor plans and elevations based upon the features desired for their outdoor kitchen.  We also specified a cabinet finish (powder coat).  We sent our client numerous finish samples to select from.  To further ensure our client knew exactly what they were getting, we included a full size sample cabinet door from a style and finish of their choosing.  We also guided our client through a selection of outdoor countertops. In the end, a concrete outdoor countertop was selected .  For more information on our selection of outdoor countertops read our "Inspired Living for Backyard Resorts-  Countertops" 

Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen, Appliances, Charleston, North Carolina

Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen with Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

FAQ regarding Beachfront Outdoor Kitchens 

  • Will sand get into the cabinets?  No, sand will not get into your cabinets.  Your outdoor cabinets include a rubberized gasket with a magnetic closure.  
  • Do I need an outdoor kitchen cover? An outdoor kitchen cover would be helpful. However, the wrong outdoor kitchen cover will do more harm than good.  Due to humidity in coastal environments, strategic placement for vents is crucial along with tie-downs.  At Riviera Outdoor Decor, we offer custom made outdoor kitchen covers that are constructed for marine grade fabrication and materials.
  • This is Marine Grade 316- correct?  Yes, it is Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel in addition to the added protection of a powder coat finish.
  • How much more does a Marine grade Outdoor Kitchen add to the cost?  You can expect to pay 15-17% more for Marine Grade Stainless Steel compared to 304 Stainless.

A special note about Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen Appliances 

When we say "marine grade outdoor kitchen appliances" we are speaking of outdoor kitchen appliances that are more than just 316 Stainless Steel.  They have wires that are coated to protect against high salt and humidity. In essence, it is an overall materials upgrade to protect against corrosion in the harshest of coastal environments. The marine grade package varies from appliance to appliance as well as the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the warranty is for a longer period of time.

Marine Grade outdoor kitchen, Galveston, Texas, Riviera Outdoor Decor

Marine Grade Outdoor Kitchen

This article is written by Melissa Hammann, the lead designer for Riviera Outdoor Decor.  

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