Marine Grade Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchens



Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel adds the highest level of protection for Outdoor Kitchens on the Coast

In addition to the Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel, we further protect coastal or beachfront outdoor kitchens with a powder coat finish.

Our powder coat finishes come with a broad palette- over forty attractive UV resistant powder coat finishes that reduce maintenance and corrosion to a bare minimum, while offering a broad array of finishes that include: wood grains, textures, brights and neutrals with numerous choices for cabinet styles. 

Our Marine Grade Outdoor Cabinets carry a fifteen year warranty and powder coat finishes are warrantied for 5 years.

In addition to the powder coat finish and Marine Grade Stainless Steel, our cabinets come complete with rain gaskets and magnetic closures for a tight seal that is resistant to high winds and humidity found in coastal beach fronts.  This means, you will not find sand, rain, humidity nor strong winds entering your outdoor cabinets. 

It is a combination of all the features listed above that contribute to carefree maintenance and one of the best outdoor kitchens you can have directly on the beach or coast to withstand salt, humidity, heat and wind.

Watch our interview with Coastal Living TV at our Showroom featuring our Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen with the Evo Social Grill. 

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